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Oak Fashion Bldg

gourmet LOCO PARADISE 77

The most popular spot among young people in Okinawa! A “large panoramic restaurant” overlooking the ocean is now OPEN in American Village!

We offer a fresh vegetable salad bar and an extensive lunch menu. In addition, you can try our popular Bra...

gourmet Cafe & Bar Oh Yeah!

“Oh Yeah!” is a cafe/bar where you can sip on coffee or enjoy your favorite alcoholic drink while looking at the beautiful ocean.

 We aim at becoming a place for information exchange in Chatan Town through communication between our friendly sta...

goods BOONOONOONOOS, Depot Island shop

Here at this shop, you can find original accessories made from “Melo-Melo Stone,” which still retains its popularity by word of mouth!

You can actually see them at only four shops in Okinawa! These stones are currently creating a stir throughout the...

gourmet Gabriel Steak

“Gabriel Steak,” a steak restaurant where you can eat delicious steaks served in large portions at reasonable prices, has arrived in Okinawa!

Dining on the terrace overlooking the blue waters of Okinawa will surely make you forget your daily routine. ...

goods Hale Ange

Hale Ange offers you a wide selection of items ranging from bags to small articles.

Prices are so reasonable that you would start wanting more! How about getting yourself the perfect items for vario...

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