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Distortion Fashion Bldg

goods Torch

Original handmade accessories that help make your ordinary attire look gorgeous

“Torch” is an accessory store. It has a warm, stylish wooden door that catches your attention. We are also known f...

goods GARAGE HOUSE Depot Island Shop

An accessory shop filled with excitement!

Our shop is popular among girls who love fashion. Our product line-up numbers more than 10,000 items! Items of the...


The hamburgers I had in Okinawa are unforgettable!

“JETTA BURGER MARKET” is an authentic hamburger shop on the 2nd floor of Depot Island where we put feeling into ma...

fashion MISTY

You can get selected products from overseas at reasonable prices!

Accessories start at ¥300. We want as many people as possible to enjoy casual style, cool style, elegant s...

fashion Poco a Poco

Fashionable items arriving one after another!

Accessories, dresses, sandals, and ladies’ casual wear. Leave total coordination up to us! Prices are affordable. We...

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