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Depot Island Bldg D

gourmet Decker’s Kitchen

Take a breath of relief while you’re shopping and try our delicious food and desserts. . .

Decker’s Kitchen, the sister shop of Doubledecker, which is familiar to you all, has a relaxing atmosphere for bot...

gourmet Blue Seal, Depot Island shop

Blue Seal Ice Cream – born in America and raised in Okinawa.

Enabling you to get a panoramic view of the Ferris wheel and a beautiful night view of American Village, the Blue ...

fashion Dr. Martens

A directly managed retail store for the world famous popular brand “Dr. Martens.”

In Okinawa, you can only find us here in Depot Island. We have a large selection of products including rare items ...

fashion CROCS THE Crew

CROCS – the talk of the town! A perfect fit that makes you feel light and comfortable!

Right now, we are offering a 20% discount on sale items placed in carts! A wide selection of items ranging from wi...


The most popular girls’ shop ... very stylish, yet very affordable!

Popular among local girls who describe our products as sexy, cute, and affordable, we have a large selection of it...

cosme, beauty & relaxation CACAO BLOSSOM Perfume Shop

Find your fragrance of healing in this tropical island!

CACAO BLOSSOM – a perfume shop that you can freely enter. We offer a complete selection of some 400 types of perfu...

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