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Depot Island Bldg A

goods Amatsubu

Create your own original accessories from more than 500 types of stones!

Available at our shop are pendant tops, rings, pierced rings, bracelets, straps, and other accessories, as well as...

gourmet Toy Kitchen

Toy Kitchen is an open terrace parlor inside Depot Island.

We have an extensive menu that includes rice meals, side menus using homemade bread, as well as beer and snacks. I...


Steak, lobster, chicken, and hamburgers ... all very delicious and provided in large servings!

We are a steak restaurant where our thick one-pound jumbo steak (450 grams for 1,980 yen) is very popular among ou...

jewelry & accessory Norari & Kurari

Norari & Kurari is a shop where you can encounter works created by glass accessory artists who represent Japan.

Since the owner is also a glass accessory artist, the shop has a large selection of works by various artists not a...

fashion ROSERI

“ROSERI” – A ladies’ fashion shop in Depot Island in Mihama, Chatan that young women can rely on in acquiring accessories, shoes, and bags.

It is also nice to be able to purchase fashionable items at affordable prices. Payment by credit cards is accepted...

goods la.goon

Original Okinawa-style accessories and sundries shop!

The ocean, the sun, and colorful flowers are naturally what come to your mind when you think about Okinawa! We hav...

fashion Depot Island

Shop here for items to take your mind that is in “Okinawa mode” to a higher level!

With “uniquely Okinawan resort fashion” as a key word, “Depot Island” has a full assortment of men’s and ladies’ c...

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