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goods Torch

Original handmade accessories that help make your ordinary attire look gorgeous

“Torch” is an accessory store. It has a warm, stylish wooden door that catches your attention. We are also known f...

goods GARAGE HOUSE Depot Island Shop

An accessory shop filled with excitement!

Our shop is popular among girls who love fashion. Our product line-up numbers more than 10,000 items! Items of the...

goods Amatsubu

Create your own original accessories from more than 500 types of stones!

Available at our shop are pendant tops, rings, pierced rings, bracelets, straps, and other accessories, as well as...

goods Yamachu Honpo

An exciting Okinawan/American style souvenir shop:
Yamachu Honpo “The Chatan/Okinawa Story”

Crowded every day with local customers and tourists, the shop has a wide selection of choice Okinawan goods! We h...

goods BOONOONOONOOS, Depot Island shop

Here at this shop, you can find original accessories made from “Melo-Melo Stone,” which still retains its popularity by word of mouth!

You can actually see them at only four shops in Okinawa! These stones are currently creating a stir throughout the...

goods Hale Ange

Hale Ange offers you a wide selection of items ranging from bags to small articles.

Prices are so reasonable that you would start wanting more! How about getting yourself the perfect items for vario...

goods Hat Shop Flava

Japan's largest headwear chain!

Headwear bearing the original brand “FD” are rare items available only in Flava’s directly managed retail stores a...

goods Kaigan Soko (Coastal Warehouse) 21, Depot Island store

Kaigan Soko 21 us a variety shop with a wide selection of beauty goods, accessories, and other items that girls would want.

The store is aligned with items that enable you to catch the trends as quickly as you could if you were living in ...

goods la.goon

Original Okinawa-style accessories and sundries shop!

The ocean, the sun, and colorful flowers are naturally what come to your mind when you think about Okinawa! We hav...

goods Oki iStuff

iPhone case shop with the largest product selection in Okinawa.

We have a wide selection of original cases imported from overseas on display inside the shop. We handle a variety ...

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