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fashion Okinawa Genbei

The largest specialty shop in Okinawa for original Shima-zori sandals:Okinawa Genbei

Our Shima-zori sandals available in more than 100 color variations and stacked inside our store from floor to ceil...

fashion Titicaca

HOLA! Amigos! (Hello, friends!)

We are an ethnic goods shop mainly dealing with sundry articles and apparel from Latin America. Located in Okinawa...

fashion Ryukyu Piras

Calling attention to fans of artist T-shirts!

We have a large selection of items made in collaboration with 14 artists actively working in Okinawa. The artists’...

fashion Dr. Martens

A directly managed retail store for the world famous popular brand “Dr. Martens.”

In Okinawa, you can only find us here in Depot Island. We have a large selection of products including rare items ...

fashion Rainbow Rose (Lingerie Shop)

Rainbow Rose is a lingerie shop that is giving off a strikingly gorgeous aura in a corner of Depot Island.

Ranging from lingerie with cute designs to sexy adult lingerie, the selections we have here all but make you feel ...

fashion CROCS THE Crew

CROCS – the talk of the town! A perfect fit that makes you feel light and comfortable!

Right now, we are offering a 20% discount on sale items placed in carts! A wide selection of items ranging from wi...

fashion T-SHIRT-YA.COM

Mega shop with more than 300 types of T-shirts

“T-SHIRT-YA.COM,” which is popular among certain entertainers and well-known artists, opened in 2010 under the clo...

fashion RNA Media

Kitsch and extraordinary street fashion!

A dual unit shop consisting of “RNA,” a brand based on “jeaning” and inspired by music, art, and other subcultures...

fashion HabuBox AKARA Shop

“Habu Box” is an established apparel shop with four outlets located in Okinawa.

We have a wide selection of original items that are only available here. They include T-shirts, bottoms, socks, ba...


The most popular girls’ shop ... very stylish, yet very affordable!

Popular among local girls who describe our products as sexy, cute, and affordable, we have a large selection of it...

fashion ROSERI

“ROSERI” – A ladies’ fashion shop in Depot Island in Mihama, Chatan that young women can rely on in acquiring accessories, shoes, and bags.

It is also nice to be able to purchase fashionable items at affordable prices. Payment by credit cards is accepted...

fashion MISTY

You can get selected products from overseas at reasonable prices!

Accessories start at ¥300. We want as many people as possible to enjoy casual style, cool style, elegant s...

fashion Depot Island

Shop here for items to take your mind that is in “Okinawa mode” to a higher level!

With “uniquely Okinawan resort fashion” as a key word, “Depot Island” has a full assortment of men’s and ladies’ c...

fashion Poco a Poco

Fashionable items arriving one after another!

Accessories, dresses, sandals, and ladies’ casual wear. Leave total coordination up to us! Prices are affordable. We...

fashion TOOL AGIT

We have a large selection of items including popular US brands such as LRG and REBEL 8 and major Japanese brands such as Latayett and INTERBREED.

We introduce new stock items on our blog as necessary, so please check us out there as well.

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