gourmetCafe & Bar Oh Yeah!

tel. 098-936-6288

addresss. B-4, Oak Fashion Bldg. 9-39 Mihama, Chatan Town

Mihama store manager’s blog: http://ohyeahclassic.ti-da.net/
Araha Beach Kitamae Store’s blog: http://ohyeahplus.ti-da.net/
<Oh Yeah Kitamae Store>
Address: 17-9, 1-chome, Kitamae, Chatan Town, Nakagami-gun
Tel: 098-936 4771

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“Oh Yeah!” is a cafe/bar where you can sip on coffee or enjoy your favorite alcoholic drink while looking at the beautiful ocean.

 We aim at becoming a place for information exchange in Chatan Town through communication between our friendly staff and our regular customers.

You can sit at the counter and talk with our staff or other customers while looking at American Village, or simply enjoy watching the ocean or night view and relax. Once you make friends with the friendly and jolly local Okinawans or Americans, you will surely be spending a good time that you can never experience elsewhere!

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