tel. 098-926-2764

addresss. Second floor, AKARA Bldg. 9-1 Mihama, Chatan Town

Fax: 098-926-4764
Hours: 11:00 to 21:00 (Summer: 10:00 to 21:00)
Last admission: 20:30
Closed irregularly
Parking: Available (parking space inside Depot Island area)

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This is a museum where you can enjoy viewing works by Bokunen Naka, a leading Japanese woodblock print artist.

The museum consists of a permanent exhibition centering on large-size works selected from among works that Naka has created by employing a special technique called “urazaishiki.” The exhibition is configured around a different theme for each season, and visitors may be able to view works exceeding 3 meters in size that normally cannot be seen. The museum also has an observatory from where visitors can get a magnificent view of the East China Sea, as well as look at the red-tiled roof designed by Naka that undulates three-dimensionally.

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