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etc Vessel Hotel Campana Okinawa

Spend your comfortable moments casually! We guarantee a fulfilling hotel life that will satisfy you.

In November 2016, the Annex opened in “Vessel Hotel Campana Okinawa.” The ocean view rooms offe...

vessel hotel campana okinawa

goods Torch

Original handmade accessories that help make your ordinary attire look gorgeous

“Torch” is an accessory store. It has a warm, stylish wooden door that catches your attention. We are also known f...

gourmet Island Terrace

Island Terrace is a cafe & restaurant with a casual atmosphere during the daytime and a stylish atmosphere at night.

Our “Big Chicken Plate” is a very popular menu. The chicken that has been thoroughly baked in the oven is so delic...

goods GARAGE HOUSE Depot Island Shop

An accessory shop filled with excitement!

Our shop is popular among girls who love fashion. Our product line-up numbers more than 10,000 items! Items of the...

gourmet LOCO PARADISE 77

The most popular spot among young people in Okinawa! A “large panoramic restaurant” overlooking the ocean is now OPEN in American Village!

We offer a fresh vegetable salad bar and an extensive lunch menu. In addition, you can try our popular Bra...

goods Amatsubu

Create your own original accessories from more than 500 types of stones!

Available at our shop are pendant tops, rings, pierced rings, bracelets, straps, and other accessories, as well as...

goods Yamachu Honpo

An exciting Okinawan/American style souvenir shop:
Yamachu Honpo “The Chatan/Okinawa Story”

Crowded every day with local customers and tourists, the shop has a wide selection of choice Okinawan goods! We h...

fashion Okinawa Genbei

The largest specialty shop in Okinawa for original Shima-zori sandals:Okinawa Genbei

Our Shima-zori sandals available in more than 100 color variations and stacked inside our store from floor to ceil...

gourmet Cafe & Bar Oh Yeah!

“Oh Yeah!” is a cafe/bar where you can sip on coffee or enjoy your favorite alcoholic drink while looking at the beautiful ocean.

 We aim at becoming a place for information exchange in Chatan Town through communication between our friendly sta...

goods BOONOONOONOOS, Depot Island shop

Here at this shop, you can find original accessories made from “Melo-Melo Stone,” which still retains its popularity by word of mouth!

You can actually see them at only four shops in Okinawa! These stones are currently creating a stir throughout the...

gourmet Gabriel Steak

“Gabriel Steak,” a steak restaurant where you can eat delicious steaks served in large portions at reasonable prices, has arrived in Okinawa!

Dining on the terrace overlooking the blue waters of Okinawa will surely make you forget your daily routine. ...

goods Hale Ange

Hale Ange offers you a wide selection of items ranging from bags to small articles.

Prices are so reasonable that you would start wanting more! How about getting yourself the perfect items for vario...

fashion Titicaca

HOLA! Amigos! (Hello, friends!)

We are an ethnic goods shop mainly dealing with sundry articles and apparel from Latin America. Located in Okinawa...

fashion Ryukyu Piras

Calling attention to fans of artist T-shirts!

We have a large selection of items made in collaboration with 14 artists actively working in Okinawa. The artists’...

gourmet Decker’s Kitchen

Take a breath of relief while you’re shopping and try our delicious food and desserts. . .

Decker’s Kitchen, the sister shop of Doubledecker, which is familiar to you all, has a relaxing atmosphere for bot...

gourmet Toy Kitchen

Toy Kitchen is an open terrace parlor inside Depot Island.

We have an extensive menu that includes rice meals, side menus using homemade bread, as well as beer and snacks. I...

gourmet Blue Seal, Depot Island shop

Blue Seal Ice Cream – born in America and raised in Okinawa.

Enabling you to get a panoramic view of the Ferris wheel and a beautiful night view of American Village, the Blue ...

gourmet KAMEZEN Restaurant

Time slip into Okinawa in the Showa era

Enjoy the atmosphere while eating Okinawa soba noodles with cartilaginous spareribs that have been boiled to a pul...


Steak, lobster, chicken, and hamburgers ... all very delicious and provided in large servings!

We are a steak restaurant where our thick one-pound jumbo steak (450 grams for 1,980 yen) is very popular among ou...

fashion Dr. Martens

A directly managed retail store for the world famous popular brand “Dr. Martens.”

In Okinawa, you can only find us here in Depot Island. We have a large selection of products including rare items ...

goods Hat Shop Flava

Japan's largest headwear chain!

Headwear bearing the original brand “FD” are rare items available only in Flava’s directly managed retail stores a...

fashion Rainbow Rose (Lingerie Shop)

Rainbow Rose is a lingerie shop that is giving off a strikingly gorgeous aura in a corner of Depot Island.

Ranging from lingerie with cute designs to sexy adult lingerie, the selections we have here all but make you feel ...


If it is about darts, please leave it all to us.

Our professional staff will take care of your needs, be it soft darts or hard darts. While the world has been abuz...

fashion CROCS THE Crew

CROCS – the talk of the town! A perfect fit that makes you feel light and comfortable!

Right now, we are offering a 20% discount on sale items placed in carts! A wide selection of items ranging from wi...

fashion T-SHIRT-YA.COM

Mega shop with more than 300 types of T-shirts

“T-SHIRT-YA.COM,” which is popular among certain entertainers and well-known artists, opened in 2010 under the clo...

fashion RNA Media

Kitsch and extraordinary street fashion!

A dual unit shop consisting of “RNA,” a brand based on “jeaning” and inspired by music, art, and other subcultures...

goods Kaigan Soko (Coastal Warehouse) 21, Depot Island store

Kaigan Soko 21 us a variety shop with a wide selection of beauty goods, accessories, and other items that girls would want.

The store is aligned with items that enable you to catch the trends as quickly as you could if you were living in ...

fashion HabuBox AKARA Shop

“Habu Box” is an established apparel shop with four outlets located in Okinawa.

We have a wide selection of original items that are only available here. They include T-shirts, bottoms, socks, ba...

jewelry & accessory Norari & Kurari

Norari & Kurari is a shop where you can encounter works created by glass accessory artists who represent Japan.

Since the owner is also a glass accessory artist, the shop has a large selection of works by various artists not a...


The hamburgers I had in Okinawa are unforgettable!

“JETTA BURGER MARKET” is an authentic hamburger shop on the 2nd floor of Depot Island where we put feeling into ma...


The most popular girls’ shop ... very stylish, yet very affordable!

Popular among local girls who describe our products as sexy, cute, and affordable, we have a large selection of it...

fashion ROSERI

“ROSERI” – A ladies’ fashion shop in Depot Island in Mihama, Chatan that young women can rely on in acquiring accessories, shoes, and bags.

It is also nice to be able to purchase fashionable items at affordable prices. Payment by credit cards is accepted...

goods la.goon

Original Okinawa-style accessories and sundries shop!

The ocean, the sun, and colorful flowers are naturally what come to your mind when you think about Okinawa! We hav...

fashion MISTY

You can get selected products from overseas at reasonable prices!

Accessories start at ¥300. We want as many people as possible to enjoy casual style, cool style, elegant s...


A dining cafe that boasts creative cuisine incorporating lots of local ingredients and a magnificent view of the East China Sea from the ocean-view balcony.

We offer a variety of menus including Okinawan dishes, pasta, and hamburgers using “Benibuta (Red Pig),” a high-qu...

fashion Depot Island

Shop here for items to take your mind that is in “Okinawa mode” to a higher level!

With “uniquely Okinawan resort fashion” as a key word, “Depot Island” has a full assortment of men’s and ladies’ c...

fashion Poco a Poco

Fashionable items arriving one after another!

Accessories, dresses, sandals, and ladies’ casual wear. Leave total coordination up to us! Prices are affordable. We...

goods Oki iStuff

iPhone case shop with the largest product selection in Okinawa.

We have a wide selection of original cases imported from overseas on display inside the shop. We handle a variety ...

gourmet Tous les jours du vin!

We are a delicatessen featuring more than 300 varieties of wine

We are a delicatessen featuring more than 300 varieties of wine and a wide selection of imported food we always ke...


This is a museum where you can enjoy viewing works by Bokunen Naka, a leading Japanese woodblock print artist.

The museum consists of a permanent exhibition centering on large-size works selected from among works that Naka ha...

gourmet Taco Rice Cafe Kijimunaa

Taco Rice Cafe Kijimunaa is famous for “Omtaco”

Taco Rice Cafe Kijimunaa is famous for “Omtaco,” a menu that has been developed by adding soft and runny egg on to...


Akara Gallery houses a permanent gallery featuring works by leading Japanese woodblock artist Bokunen Naka

Akara Gallery houses a permanent gallery featuring works by leading Japanese woodblock artist Bokunen Naka and a s...

cosme, beauty & relaxation LOYD

Our staff of experienced hair stylists will suggest you your personal hair style.

Turn your hair style into one that is designed to fit your lifestyle and is highly original.

fashion TOOL AGIT

We have a large selection of items including popular US brands such as LRG and REBEL 8 and major Japanese brands such as Latayett and INTERBREED.

We introduce new stock items on our blog as necessary, so please check us out there as well.

cosme, beauty & relaxation CACAO BLOSSOM Perfume Shop

Find your fragrance of healing in this tropical island!

CACAO BLOSSOM – a perfume shop that you can freely enter. We offer a complete selection of some 400 types of perfu...

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